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Student Success Stories

Here are some things just a few of the students had to say...

"GRFA has both given me a way to make my current dreams come true by helping me pay for college, but it has also showed me that beauty and pride in your state can come from so many different things, and perspectives people have are so widely varied. Even though everyone sees Louisiana in a different light, we also get to see that there's a fundamental love that people of this land share through art they create to express their thoughts."
- Alexandra Olivier

"If I had never won this scholarship, the next four years would be completely different. I'm going to my dream college, on scholarship, but that still wasn't enough. This prize is providing me with the education I've longed for my whole life. GRFA has helped make my future possible."
- Catherine Leberg

"[GRFA] has offered me great exposure for my artwork, gave me the opportunity to meet important people, and made my family very happy."
- Christopher Stafford

"GRFA art contest has allowed my artwork to leave the classroom and be discovered by many people who appreciate art and the wonderful state of Louisiana. It's been a prestigious experience and honor to be awarded and recognized by the professional art community."
- Cody Roussel

"Being a finalist in this [GRFA] contest makes me wanting to keep doing art"
- Lucas Williams

"When I first entered this contest, I honestly did not think I would have a chance to even be recognized for my work. After all, I have lost state contests before. I gave this one all that I had in my talent and more to see if perhaps I would at least achieve the top 10. Fortunately I did, but I did not expect at all to receive first place! It was most certainly a blessing. It all felt like a perfect dream to me. How could I, a man that came from a small, not well-known country town, achieve a huge award such at this? This is the greatest achievement I've ever obtained in my life. It has changed me in a way to respect myself more as well as my artwork. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet other artists from Louisiana like myself at the GRFA art contest. To me, it's so amazing to meet other artists, especially George Rodrigue. I've learned a lot from him and the other artists that I've met. I'd like to thank them all for inspiring and encouraging me to continue being an artist and to pursue an art career."
- Sean Hicks

"The GFRA art contest has given me confidence that being an artist is possible in the economy we live in today. It also showed me that being an artist is not only a hobby, but it can also be a lifestyle. The award made me feel credible that masters of their craft would recognize my efforts."
- Katie Kreuz

"The GRFA has immensely impacted my art along with my life. People seem to react and appreciate my submission for the foundation. I have offers of people wanting prints of my artwork and, not to sound cheesy and cliche, but opportunity just keeps on knocking. I'm really really appreciative that my art teacher introduced this contest to me and that I decided to be bold by creating something beautiful for this foundation, and to be honored for my creativity! I can't thank to GRFA office and George and Wendy Rodrigue enough for this amazing opportunity that I will always remember and carry proudly with me throughout my creative career."
- Jacob Broussard

"[GRFA] has impacted my life because I now feel that my art has something special about it. Before I did it so that I had a way to relief stress or just for fun. Now I feel that since I was recognized out of 300 paintings something about my art must have stood out to others just like it has been doing for me for the past three years. I have learn that even if you are just a small painter in New Orleans doesn't mean your love for art isn't small and won't go unnoticed."
- Kimberly Hirstius

"GRFA art contest has positively impacted my life by giving me the opportunity to experience the importance of originality. It gave me the chance to understand that I cannot always be the winner, and that losing is just as important as winning. Receiving an honorable mention in this contest showed me that I have strong artistic abilities and great potential in succeeding in the field of art, but also that I am not a professional and I have so much room for improvement and growth in my personal style. I am only at the beginning of my art career, and I am more than prepared to learn more about the world of art and who I am as an artist."
- Lauren DeWitt

"The George Rodrigue Foundation of Art has had a huge impact in my life. It has been a fun experience I will never forget. It has allowed me to try new things that I never would have done. I mean who can honestly say they have met Mrs. Supriya Jindal, the Governor's wife? I've also met so many new people and had the experience of a lifetime. This was definitely a highlight of my senior year. Meeting George Rodrigue was also really cool. His generous donation and scholarship will be very helpful to my college education at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana."
- Megan Pierce


2012 Art Contest Artwork
"Lecrevisse de la Louisiane!" by Emily Kaye Miller. 4th Place Senior winner of a $4,500 scholarship.