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Classroom Resources

Within these classroom resource pages, educators will find background information on George Rodrigue, Cajun culture, the Blue Dog and more.

This diverse collection of materials, images, activity sheets and web resources for classroom teachers, their students, and students' families are arranged by type to help you quickly find resources in your interest area, and then use them to create lesson plans or at-home activities.

Please do not forget to submit photos of any projects based on the art of George Rodrigue to the GRFA Student Gallery !

All materials were collected, created, and provided by GRFA staff and they are for educational purposes only.

Please read the Terms of Use.


Student Success
"GRFA has both given me a way to make my current dreams come true by helping me pay for college, but it has also showed me that beauty and pride in your state can come from so many different things, and perspectives people have are so widely varied. Even though everyone sees Louisiana in a different light, we also get to see that there's a fundamental love that people of this land share through art they create to express their thoughts." - Alexandra Olivier