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What is Arts Integration?

GRFA's mission is about successfully motivating and engaging students through an arts-infused and arts-integrated curriculum. Arts integration means teaching every subject by using the visual and performing arts to enhance the learning process.  Subjects are connected, rather than separated.  This teaching method caters to the way all students learn, engaging each child and giving them a path to success.  When students are engaged and enjoying themselves, learning comes naturally and discipline problems are minimized.  Educators are happy because what they are doing is actually working - their students are learning and excited to be at school.

Parents, educators, and administrators are amazed at the connections students make through the art that improve their capacity to learn - thus helping them to believe in themselves.

Please explore the links to see research, videos and more reasons why we need to teach the arts in our schools!

The Story of the Blue Dog
As a boy, Rodrigue knew of a legend of the "loup-garou" or werewolf that lurked in sugar cane fields, threatening to haunt bad children. The legend said nothing about the loup-garou's color, but Rodrigue thought the night sky would cast a blue-grey shade on its fur when he painted it in 1984 for Bayou (Inkwell), a book of forty ghost stories by Chris Segura.