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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can enter the contest?

All high school students attending a public or private school or home school or GED program in Louisiana are eligible to enter the GRFA Digital Art Contest. There is no test score, grade point average or college major requirement necessary for entry.

2. Which programs do you recommend to create my 3D Model?

Here are programs that we suggest and are free to download for educational purposes:

Autodesk Maya and 3D Max

Blender with Educational Help

Google Sketch-Up

3. I am home schooled or I do not have anyone to supervise my work that will be able to fill out the Teacher/Adviser Reference form. What can I do?

The intention of the teacher/advisor form is to give us some assurance that the student actually created their work. We want to avoid copying as much as we can because copying and stealing other people's digital artwork can be easy.

So, all that a teacher or adviser has to do is meet with the student to look over different stages of the 3D model (they can even meet with the student after the model is complete). Basically, we just want the student to prove to a teacher, parent, or adviser that they made their work by explaining to them how they made their model.

Once the teacher, parent or adviser is satisfied that the student is the original creator, they can then fill out the form so that the student can submit it to us.

4. In what format do I save my 3D Model?

Please save your final drafts in .OBJ or .3DS file formats.

5. Is there anywhere that you recommend to start if I want to learn how to make a 3D model?

Yes, we like the tutorial videos on Blender's website.


Student Success
"GRFA art contest has allowed my artwork to leave the classroom and be discovered by many people who appreciate art and the wonderful state of Louisiana. It's been a prestigious experience and honor to be awarded and recognized by the professional art community."
- Cody Roussel