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Art Therapy Initiative

The George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts (GRFA) has partnered with the Brees Dream Foundation and the United Way to provide art supplies and therapeutic art workshops to regions of south Louisiana devastated by Hurricane Isaac. 


What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a mental health profession that uses the creative process of art-making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages.  Research in the field confirms that the creative process involved in artistic self-expression helps people to become more physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy and functional, resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, handle life adjustments, and achieve insight.

Art Supplies

Twenty-two (22) schools will receive a total of $37,000 in art supplies!

GRFA has identified twelve schools (12) in St. John the Baptist parish, seven (7) schools in Plaquemines parish, and three (3) schools in Jefferson parish to receive art supplies through George's Art Closet.  Each elementary and middle school will receive a customized art supply kit through George’s Art Closet valued at $1,500. Each high school will receive a customized art supply kit valued at $2,000.  Art supplies will be shipped directly to the schools in December.

Art Therapy Workshops

Six (6) FREE Art Therapy Workshops!

GRFA will host two FREE workshops in EACH parish significantly affected by Hurricane Isaac: St. John the Baptist, Plaquemines and Jefferson.

One workshop will be designed for educators and one for parents. At each workshop, learn more about art therapy and how it can help you to cope with the impact of Hurricane Isaac from Holly Wherry and Robert Caswell, registered art therapists and licensed professional counselors. Both art therapists worked extensively across the New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina.

Workshops will include both discussion and hands-on art making intended to assist adult participants with discussing disaster and loss, building positive coping skills through art making, and learning tools to facilitate this process with their students or families.

Workshops will be open to ALL parents and teachers in each region.

Please contact [email protected] to register. Space is limited.  RSVP REQUIRED! ADULTS ONLY

Family Community Art-Making Event

In conjunction with the parent and teacher workshops, GRFA will partner with the Louisiana Art Therapy Association (LATA) to provide a community art-making event in spring of 2013 as a culmination of the program. Held on a Saturday, this event will allow families a space to work together on art activities designed and led by professional artists and art therapists.  GRFA will provide all supplies, and LATA therapists will assist community members. 


St. John Parish Events

Art Therapy workshop held December 1st.

Community Art Making Event held March 9th! Click to see photos and learn more.


Jefferson Parish Events

Both events on April 13, 2013! Click image below to learn more!



Plaquemines Parish Workshops

TBD.  Please check back often for dates and times. 



The art supply kits will have a direct impact on the entire student population of the selected schools.  For the twenty-two schools included in this program, the art supplies will benefit 11,806 students and approximately 600 teachers.  The art therapy workshops and family community art-making event have the potential to directly impact 800 participants, while indirectly impacting many more.

Louisiana's Official Bicentennial Poster
Poster created by high school junior Katie Atkins for our 2012 Art Contest